Yoga Massage Training

Ayurveda Yoga Massage is a spiritual energy massage. It is that state which is between Ayurveda Massage and Yoga, a state of equilibrium. A person massaging another man is this method; both of them get a spiritual energy. It is got by combining ayurveda massaging and yoga techniques. We can call it Exercise massage. The above said massage is practiced in yoga’s exercise method.

Like practice of yoga, ascending and descending techniques in this massage are done by lying the person on the floor. When we do ayurvedic yoga massage, we feel fresh energy passing through our body. This experience will take us in to a new world. This massage can increase our longevity if we do it at least once in a week it gives flexibility to the body. It is good for yoga people, artists, sports men etc.

Position 1 - Lie down (Front)

  • Hands to shoulder
  • Chest to Abdomen
  • Ankles to Toes

Position 2 - Lie down (Back)

  • Hands to Shoulder
  • Shoulder to Buttocks
  • Feet

Total Practice (Full body massage) Time: 1st - 1 Hr | 2nd - 1.5 Hrs