Relaxation Massage Training

Relaxation massage means the massage for peace and comfort. We give much importance to relaxation massage. It nourishes the body, helps overcoming fatigue and maintains physical beauty and structure. It gives sound sleep and total relaxation to the body. Vasudeva School of Massage Training organizes relaxation massage training courses of traditional Ayurvedic treatments.

Since relaxation massage gives immense comfort to body and mind, the therapist should be highly skilled. It is an art and the therapist is the artist who transforms an unshaped material in to a beautiful one. The therapist changes a human body in to a sublime one. If you can learn relaxation massage very well, you can learn all the other massage therapies very easily. We organize specialized Relaxation Massage Training courses with extensive research.

We are one of the leading centres provide Massage Training courses for new comers, Doctors, and other professionals in the field of health care.

The relaxation massage can be done in four ways. We call them positions and each position has different chapters.

Position 1 - Lie down (Front)

  • Fingers to shoulders
  • Front position and Neck & Shoulder
  • Chest (breast) and Stomach
  • Stomach and Abdomen
  • Thigh and Legs
  • Feet and Toes

Position 2 - Lie down (Back)

  • Fingers to Shoulder
  • Back neck and Shoulder
  • Shoulder to Buttocks
  • Buttocks
  • Leg to Feet
  • Feet

Position 3 - Sitting

  • Neck and Shoulder
  • Shoulder to Hands
  • Face and Ears

Position 4 – Head Massage (Sitting)

  • Head Massage

Total Practice (Full body massage) Time: 1st - 1 Hr | 2nd - 1.5 Hrs