Kerala’s special Ayurvedic Massage Training

It is a traditional or folk Medicinal Treatment System of Kerala. Our traditional medicines are diversed and developed in multiple levels. The above said massage systems are done by different ways. For applying this special Ayurvedic treatment two masseurs and helpers are needed. One masseur should be on the right side of the client, the masseur on the left side of the client. The helper should bring oils for massage the sides of the masseurs. The massage gives much comfort to the body. Treatment mode massage is important in avoiding diseases. Vasudeva School Massage Training offers five important mode of massage treatment to train you, which are mentioned below. Analysing each massage you can find out how they can avoid different diseases. These treatments include all the four process. They are given below:

  • Abhyangam (Therapeutic massage)
  • Karma (Treatment)
  • Treatment Bath
  • Rest

Abhyangam (Therapeutic Massage): Before the treatment, body has to be made flexible. Unless we are doing the Abhyangam, the treatment will not work on the body in right way. Therefore Therapeutic massage is necessary and it should be done before the treatment. For Therapeutic massage, 45 minutes needed and it is done in front and back of the body.

Karma (Treatment): Karma or Treatment is based on the health problems of the client. They are mentioned below:

Treatment bath: The ‘Karma’ or Treatment increase the blood circulation and body temperature. Then the client should not take cold things which will make reverse effects. Therefore treatment bath should be either with hot water or with medicated water.

Rest: The ‘Poorvakarmam’ or the ‘karma’ and the treatment bath make the human body so hot and so the blood circulation will be increased. Then the client needs a particular kind of rest, which will make the client normal. For the fulfillment of treatment, body rest is very essential.

Treatment Massage (Five Types)


Dhara means flow. There are two types of Dhara - Oil Dhara and Thakra Dhara (Dhara with medicated curd)

After the therapeutic massage client is taken to Dhara. Before doing Dhara both the eyes of the client are covered with cotton. Unless they were covered the oil may flow to the eyes and makes disturbance to the Dhara process. There will be ‘Dhara’ stand in which the’ Dhara Pot’ is hanged. The oil from the Dhara Pot will flow smoothly on forehead, scalp and skull. Then the client will feel comfort and solace. Dhara aims on holistic health. Dhara will last 45 minutes.

According to the physical need of the client, the kind of Dhara is determined. Some need Oil Dhara, others need Thakra Dhara, It is decided by the masseur. After the Dhara we make the clients head dry and after a little time give him a medicated bath.

It is useful for avoiding Headache, Sleeplessness, and Sinusitis etc. The Dhara is also good for annihilating some mental diseases such as Over Anxiety, Mental Worry, Quick Temper and Stress.

The duration of study is only 5 to 7 days

Pizhichil (Oil bath)

The word ‘Pizhichil‘ means press the oil to human body. After the therapeutic massage the client is taken to Pizhichil, first of all, the masseur prepares the oil considering the health condition of the client .Two masseurs are needed for performing Pizhichil. One masseur from right side and the other from left side perform the process of pizhichil. For pizhichil, we use a particular kind of cloth. This cloth will be dipped into hot oil. Then by winding and twisting the cloth, the masseur makes the cloth ready for pressing. Pizhichil will last 30 minutes to 45 minutes. The whole process is called ‘The Pizhichil’.

‘Pizhichil’ is the best process for increasing blood circulation, which makes the client energetic, increases brightness of the skin, avoiding rhuematism, sexual weakness etc.

Duration of study: 5 to 7 days

Ilakizhi (medicated boluses treatment)

Leaves of some medicinal plants and herbs, and some medicines are put to a particular kind of cloth. The cloth will be pressed in the form of ball. The ball will be pressed and rubbed on the client. This process is called ‘Ilakizhi’

After the therapeutic massage, the client is taken to ‘Ilakizhi’. Analysing the physical condition and disease of client, Ilakizhi will be applied on the injured parts of the body with low heat. It may be used for the whole body.

The process of Ilakizhi should be learnt as two parts.

  • How to prepare ‘Ilakizhi‘
  • How to apply 'Ilakizhi'

It is the best process for alleviating bone injuries and pain, muscle pain, sprain, swelling on muscles, etc.

Duration of study: 5 to 7 days


‘Njavara‘ is a special kind of medicated rice. Like the Ilakizhi, Njavarakizhi also prepared in the form of a ball. The njavara rice will be cooked in particular decoction adding milk and medicinal mixtures. Then it will be taken into a particular cloth for forming the cloth ball. Two masseurs apply this on the client’s body through two sides after the therapeutic massage. It can be studied by two parts:

  • How to prepare ‘Njavarakizhi’
  • How to apply ‘Njavarakizhi’

It is best for ambulating the rheumatism, for the better health after delivery, avoiding sexual weakness to make the human body energetic alert and enthusiastic.

Duration of study: 5 to 7 days

Anti - ageing treatment

[The treatment for preserving youth] Anti ageing treatment for preserving the youth or go back to the youth. This treatment is a research product of ‘Vasudeva Ayurvedics’. The 25 year old youth asks how she/ he can preserve their youthfullness for a long span of time. People who are after 35 years ask how they can go back to youthfullness. These questions stirred our mind. We studied and developed this strategy fully based on Ayurveda. We have developed two parts in doing this treatment.

  • Special kind of massage
  • Special kind of ayurvedic medicines

The medicines are the most important part .They are invented and prepared by our research team. We emphasis on these medicines. The Ayurvedic strategy for preserving and coming back to the youth consists of the following:

  • Face
  • Body structure
  • Exercise
  • Medicines


Face determines one’s age. The marks on the face, pimples, black spots, and wrinkles on the face should be eliminated for creating a beautiful face. For this we apply some ointments and face packs. In a limited period, they will create a good result on the client.

Body structure

Body structure is an important factor in determining ones age. To attain our target we should avoid folds on the body and should maintain the strength of the muscles .We treat two ways here:

  • Avoid fat deposit
  • Avoid fold on body, keep the strength of the muscles

Medicines: We apply medicines on the body as well as give medicines to intake. The medicines increase the efficiency and strength of each and every organ .For instance if the intestines are purgated, they will work smoothly. We use Ayurvedic medicines for this are not having side effects. The knowledge of using natural things such as plants is a phenomenon to us. There will be no reaction. Our medicines provide full success on human body.


The above said process ensure youth but we have protect the youth gained by Ayurvedic treatment .There comes the role of exercises. Exercise doesn’t mean hard work. We teach simple methods of exercise such as some steps of “yoga” some kinds of martial arts etc We have awing on “Yoga“ and it will be trained in simple but useful manner .


Diet (Food) has an important role in preserving ones youth fullness. We have to add some nourishment to our food for providing the factors needed for our body on skin.
For instance some vitamins are essential for preserving ones youth fullness .The absence of such vitamins causes ageing .So we teach the following things regarding diet.

  • Natural food
  • Nourishment for providing youth fullness
  • The mode of closing of cooking such food

We have special trainers who are experts in cooking to train the students. Cooking classes for preparing “Ayurvedic food” complementary to natural and giving nourishment for providing youth fullness will be at our institution.

Anti-ageing treatment duration of study: 5 to 7 days

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COURSE DURATION : 20 DAYS - Fee: 500 Dollar / 350 Euro