Foot Pressure Massage Training

In Kerala some expert masseurs using their legs. A long smooth and strong rope is tied to the ceiling. The masseur hold the lower end of the rope while he use his legs to massage the person one who lying down on the floor. It is a martial art. No one can see the foot pressure massage in the world except in Kerala. Every nation has its own martial arts like Karate, Kungfu etc. Kerala’s martial art is Kalarippayattu. For practicing it, one needs very much flexibility of the body. Ancient Kalari Gurukkal (Master of Kalarippayattu) invented foot pressure massage for making a human body more flexible.

The massage which is invented by former Kalari Gurukkal is transformed in to a treatment method afterwards. The method is best for treating injuries, severe back pain, nervous pain etc. It does also provide a higher level flexibility to the body. The masseurs get fine exercise by doing massage. The massage sweats the masseurs and makes them healthier.

Position 1 - Lie down (Back)

  • Ankle to Buttocks
  • Buttocks toShoulder
  • Shoulder to Fingers

Position 2 - Lie down (Side-1)

  • Leg to side Hips
  • Side hips to Shoulder

Position 3 - Lie down (Side-2)

  • Leg to side Hips
  • Side hips to Shoulder

Position 4 - Lie down (Front)

  • Leg to side Hips
  • Hips to Chest
  • Chest to Fingers
  • Legs to Fingers

Total Practice (Full body massage) Time: 1st - 1 Hr